Communicating with our colleagues

Employee communications center

Employee Communications Center

Here you’ll find all that you need to help you communicate your message to your fellow employees. That includes everything from how to devise an internal communications plan; to how to execute it with the best tools & channels to engage your audience; and even some ideas on how to measure your success.

The emphasis is on giving you practical guidance and resources – and you’ll find a wealth of them right here. But before you read on, a very brief word on our internal communications policy:

  • If you have important messages that are relevant to all employees in a Region or Business Group  and if you need to communicate must-know messages that apply to all DSM colleagues, please send your request to us.
  • If you need to communicate local, site-specific or function-related communications messages this is the place for you – check out the 9 step approach!

OK, let the communication begin!

Develop your plan

The 9-step approach is here to help you develop your (change) communication plan.

Create your message

Once you’ve established your communications objectives, audience and key messages, it’s time to create your message using the various internal communications tools available. 

Reach your audience

Once you’ve decided on the communications tools needed to create your message, it’s then time to identify the best channels to reach your audience.

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  • Our Brand identity

    Our Brand identity

    If we want our voice to be heard above the noise it’s essential that our brand identity matches our ambition.

  • Our Brand platform

    Our Brand platform

    Our brand is forged by six core building blocks: our purpose, brand promise, core values, personality, positioning, and our ways of working.

  • Writing Guide

    Writing Guide

    Our aim is to help you write clearly, consistently – and creatively – in a way that is relevant to your audience (whoever they may be).