Reach your audience

Employee communications channels

The channels to reach your audience

Once you’ve decided on the communications tools needed to create your message, it’s then time to identify the best channels to reach your audience.

Our channels

  • Email


    Email is a tried & tested way of sending secure messages quickly, to a wide audience.

  • Lockscreen


    Our very own screensaver is hard to avoid if you’re a computer user, but must be linked to Global News Center story.

  • Management cascade

    Management cascade

    These regular meetings offer a great potential channel for reaching an already engaged audience.

  • Messaging Apps

    Messaging Apps

    Apps like WhatsApp and Wechat are a super-fast way to stay connected to your audience.

  • Networks


    Ideal for internal change programs, you can work with ambassadors, champions, or internal expertise networks to reach your audience.

  • News Center

    News Center

    Our own virtual daily newspaper network is great for communicating your news!

  • Newsletters


    A highly efficient way of collating lots of information into a single (digital) communication.

  • Noticeboards


    A great rallying point for colleagues to read lots of small, non-critical messages.

  • SharePoint


    The perfect ‘digital destination’ when used for providing comprehensive content on a given topic.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    A wonderful channel for tapping into the wider networks of colleagues.

  • Teams


    Suited to smaller virtual meetings including one-on-ones.

  • Townhalls


    Great for rallying the troops and communicating big/important changes (usually via a senior leader).

  • TV Screens

    TV Screens

    Big messages for the big screen can get you big attention.

  • Yammer


    Just the channel for stimulating instant, two-way communication.

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  • Planning & approach

    Planning & approach

    The 9-step approach is here to help guide you through developing your (change) communication plans.

  • Tools


    Once you’ve established your communications objectives, audience and key messages, it’s time to create your message using the various internal communications tools available.

  • Our Brand platform

    Our Brand platform

    Our brand is forged by six core building blocks: our purpose, brand promise, core values, personality, positioning, and our ways of working.