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Type of meeting

Number of participants


Registration supported

For guidance

Teams Meetings

Up to 20,000*

Participants up to 1,000 have fully interactive equal meeting capabilities

Participants over 1,000 have View-only capabilities


Introducing Microsoft Teams

Teams Webinars

Up to 1,000

Increased limits with View-only capabilities coming soon

Participants up to 1,000 have fully interactive capabilities.

Audience interaction configurable

Can specify presenters


Get started with Teams webinars (

Teams Live Events

Up to 20,000*

Broadcast to large audiences

Moderated Q&A

Can specify producers and presenters, also external presenters

Supports more advanced production capabilities


Get started with Microsoft Teams live events

* The usual 10,000 is increased to 20,000 until June 2022

** The usual 10,000 is increased to 20,000 until June 2022.


What is this channel?

Microsoft Teams is how we connect with each other at DSM when meetings in real-life are not possible.

Teams offer three types of meetings: Teams Live Events, Teams Webcast and Teams Meetings. Functionalities and services are added by Microsoft continually and we are therefore linking you Microsoft's webpages for the latest guidance.

For Teams Live Events, you may need the support of a trusted external production company. DSM maintains a list of the companies here. Assigned Suppliers | DSM Brand Center

For many of us, Microsoft Teams has become an essential communications channel. It’s ideal for all kinds of meetings and discussions – whether one-and-one or in groups. And you can easily share content and record sessions. The biggest drawback: have we all had a little too much of Teams?

Final thoughts

If this a stand-alone initiative, then go ahead! However, if this is part of a wider initiative, you might want to take a step back and look at the broader communications perspective. A good starting point is our 9-step approach to creating your communication plan - which includes an overview of all the internal channels and tools.

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