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Employee communications tools

The tools for you to create your message

Once you’ve established your communications objectives, audience and key messages, it’s time to create your message using the various internal communications tools available. 

Our tools

  • An article

    An article

    A written story is a great way to convey a detailed message or topic in an engaging and entertaining way.

  • FAQs


    An FAQ document can be an invaluable tool when introducing something new or managing a change.

  • Gadgets & giveaways

    Gadgets & giveaways

    Who doesn't like getting free stuff? Receiving something physical and tangible can sometimes provide that final nudge to ensure your message gets remembered.

  • Handouts & posters

    Handouts & posters

    A well-designed poster has real stopping power and with our specially designed templates you can easily create attractive and professional posters.

  • Images


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and for good reason - the smart choice of imagery can help you create a compelling and memorable message.

  • Polls & surveys

    Polls & surveys

    Get rid of the guesswork and use polls and surveys to receive feedback on your work or to raise awareness of certain topics.

  • PowerPoint


    PowerPoint is best used as a communications support tool to give your audience the headlines, but really you should be the star of the show.!

  • Video


    Short and snappy videos are ideal for quick leadership updates; for interviews; as an explainer; or for learning purposes.

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  • Planning & approach

    Planning & approach

    The 9-step approach is here to help guide you through developing your (change) communication plans.

  • Channels


    Once you’ve decided on the communications tools needed to create your message, it’s then time to identify the best channels to reach your audience.

  • Our Brand platform

    Our Brand platform

    Our brand is forged by six core building blocks: our purpose, brand promise, core values, personality, positioning, and our ways of working.