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The DSM master logo is the flagship of the DSM brand, our ‘badge of honor’. Which is why we need to ensure that its presentation and use are always correct.

The rich color palette and overlapping layers of transparent colors give the DSM logo (1) an organic and fluid look, representing the rainbow of diversity we embrace within our company; the unique blend of people, talents, technologies and capabilities.

The DSM master logo comprises the DSM motif (2) , the word mark (3) and the DSM brand promise (4) . The DSM word mark should never be used in isolation. The DSM motif can only be applied in isolation for the browser favicon, iOS/android icons or on social media. The position and proportions of the logo elements are fixed and should never be redrawn or modified. Elements, shapes, or effects (e.g. shading) must not be used or added.

There is no maximum limit to the size, but the minimum size is a width of 36 mm.

When used alone, the DSM logo should always be surrounded by its exclusion zone, which is entirely clear of any other graphic devices like images, patterns, or typography. Make sure you never put the DSM logo in a constraining shape, or place it onto any color other than white.

The use of the DSM simplified logo (with and without the lockup) is mainly for online applications, including but not limited to, websites, social media, banner adverts and eshots. It can also be used on miscellaneous small print materials (e.g. packaging or sample cards where the minimum size of the DSM logo cannot be accommodated).

A Chinese version of the DSM logo is available with the DSM brand promise in Chinese characters. The word mark shouldn’t be changed into Chinese characters, and you should never translate the word mark or DSM brand promise into other languages.

DSM Motif (2), DSM word mark (3) and DSM brand promise (4) form the DSM logo (1).

Minimum size: 36mm

Minimum exclusion zone

DSM logo lockup device

The DSM master logo in Chinese

The DSM simplified logo

Minimum size: 50px / 18mm

Only use the logotypes supplied, do not redraw, modify or change in any way.

More versions of our logo

Our world is a colorful place. So always try and apply the DSM logo in full color.

But if you can’t, here are some alternatives.

The logo should be either printed in full color or in Pantone® (PMS) colors. Please don’t combine a full-color motif with a word mark printed in Pantone® colors. For printing in Pantone® colors we use the following options:

PMS 1235

PMS 7489

PMS 211

PMS 297

PMS 356

PMS 2603

PMS 5135

PMS 3258

PMS 2593

PMS 1235

PMS 2405

PMS 280

We use the same version for embroidery on textiles and defined the Madeira colors for colored threads.













On the right side you’ll see some examples...

We created a greyscale version for use where full-color printing isn’t possible; just ensure you use the correct master artwork – and don’t convert the logo.

We also created a solid black version of our logo for scenarios where our brand identity is produced using limited printing and reproduction processes.

We also use a special version of the logo for techniques like embossing and engraving.

If you need to apply the logo onto a dark background, make sure the DSM word mark is always white.

The DSM logo in solid Pantone colors
(also for color applications in embroidery)

The DSM logo in grey tones

The DSM logo in single color

The DSM logo in black for embossing

The DSM logo in solid Pantone colors (also for color applications in embroidery)

The DSM logo in grey tones

The DSM logo in single color

The DSM logo in black for embossing

The DSM logo lockup

We use the logo lockup for most brand touch points and applications – from advertising and brochures to web banners and PowerPoint presentations.

Its job is to connect the DSM logo with the message and image (or visual device).

The DSM logo lockup is available using both the DSM master logo (with the DSM brand promise) and the DSM simplified logo (without the DSM brand promise). On both, the logo is fixed within a white arch.

For offline applications (brochures, advertisements, posters etc.) there are two default lockups for use across the bottom of an application and one version for use across the top of an application.

The standard option should be used when the entire background is filled with an image or wave device.

The extended DSM master logo lockup should be used to divide the page vertically in two (image/visual device above with white space below).

The DSM master logo lockup can be used at the top of an application if better suited than either of the other two options.

For online applications (websites and html e-mailers) the DSM simplified logo is shown in isolation (not with the lockup device). However, for Powerpoint content slides and online banners, the DSM logo lockup is used.

You can crop all the DSM logo lockups in various ways and the size might need to be adjusted sometimes.

The size and position of the DSM logo lockup is open, however, acceptable size options are supplied in the various templates.

Ensure the infringement zone around the DSM logo is respected on all applications.

DSM Activity descriptor

The DSM activity descriptor is set – in white – to the same height as the DSM brand promise and is positioned on the lower left part of the application. If used on white background, it should be applied in 100% Cyan + 24% Magenta; or in black.

DSM logo lockup for offline applications

The standard DSM master logo lockup (bottom position)

The extended DSM master logo lockup (bottom position)

The standard DSM master logo lockup
(top position)

DSM logo lockup for online applications

The standard simplified DSM logo lockup (bottom position)

The extended simplified
DSM logo lockup (bottom position)

The standard simplified DSM logo lockup
(top position)

Examples of alternative crops




DSM Activity descriptor

The DSM activity descriptor in Chinese

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