Our DSM brand personality can be summarized in three words: caring, courageous and collaborative. So when it comes to photography, make sure you use these three characteristics to guide your creative approach and visualize your storytelling.’

We want to tell captivating, powerful stories with our images – whether static or animated – and we want this imagery to be consistent across all our markets and businesses because, of course, we are: One DSM...

Our photographic imagery should be courageous, caring and collaborative. Why? Because it’s the best way of visualizing our DSM brand promise.

At DSM we’re inspired by the world around us, so try and choose equally dynamic imagery to surprise and inspire our users.

We can portray ‘bright’ in an image through color or light. Our images are vibrant, full of color and contrast. We don’t use desaturated colors or black & white photography.

Don’t use futuristic, unrealistic settings. Instead let’s show our innovations in imaginative and realistic settings.

Try and capture people (and animals) in natural situations with a candid and authentic feel, perhaps in a spontaneous moment.

ATTENTION: When sourcing photography, always check whether the images are rights-free. If not, you need to get usage approval and make payment in advance if necessary.

Creating brighter lives for all

The global science-based company

Purpose-Led, Performance-Driven

Project CleanCow™

Better food for everyone

Applying photography to key company themes

On this page we showed a few examples of how photography can be used to express who we are (our brand personality). Equally importantly, our photography also needs to integrate what we do – on a practical level.

We’ve therefore put together this mini-gallery of images taken from our company website that are available and copyright-free.

As you can see, all these images are bright, colorful – and interactive (either with people or animals). They provide a very specific mood and feeling for the user based on an optimistic, positive and dynamic outlook.

However, we’ve also grouped these images into key company themes that demonstrate everything from our broad purpose and brand promise of creating brighter lives for all; to specific markets, core values – and even the scientists behind our innovations.

Please take a good look at these images - and even if you don’t use them, at least use them as guidance for your future image selection.

In other words…remember to stay focused on the big picture.

Domains & activities

Nutrition & Health

Climate & Energy

Resources & Circularity



Sustainable Living

The scientists behind it all

End markets & products

ATTENTION... When sourcing photography, always check whether the images are rights-free. If not, you need to get usage approval and make payment in advance if necessary.

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