The DSM signature

The DSM signature comprises the DSM simplified logo (1) or the DSM master logo (2) (which incorporates the DSM brand promise (3) and the DSM activity descriptor (4). The DSM activity descriptor summarizes what we do to: Nutrition, Health, Sustainable Living.

We use the DSM simplified logo rather than the DSM master logo for digital and online touchpoints like mobile devices and apps. It’s simple, striking and far easier to read (with no brand promise) – which in turn boosts our overall brand presence.

Use the DSM simplified logo on online applications such as websites, Powerpoint content slides, HTML e-mailers, online banners and social media memes.

Use the DSM master logo on offline applications like advertisments, posters, brochure covers, in PowerPoint title slides and on end frames of films and animations.

The DSM brand promise is mostly applied in white and placed over an image or visual device. The DSM brand promise can also be applied in 100% Cyan + 24% Magenta; or in black on a white backdrop.

When writing prose, make sure you follow the conventions of full stops with the trademark symbol. For example; Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

We’ve kept the size and position of the DSM brand promise open. Of course it should be prominent, preferably working with the heading. You’ll see that our preferred sizes and positions are locked into the various templates.

A few final golden rules: Don’t use other colors or change elements. Never italicize or stretch the DSM brand promise in any way; and never remove the Trademark™ symbol.

See DSM logo for information on the DSM activity descriptor in combination with the DSM master logo. And remember you should only apply the DSM motif 5 in isolation for the browser favicon, as well as iOS / android icons and on social media.

The DSM brand promise

The DSM brand promise in Chinese

The DSM activity descriptor

The DSM activity descriptor in Chinese

Offline applications

Online applications

  1. DSM simplified logo
  2. DSM master logo
  3. DSM brand promise
  4. DSM activity descriptor
  5. DSM motif

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