Video: Make it bright

The feel of every DSM video should be in line with the DSM Brand Promise. All footage should preferably be colorful, bright, vibrant, dynamic and optimistic. ‘Brightness’ forms the heart of our brand promise. All videos should end with the DSM animated logo.

The standard animated logo features the DSM Brand Promise animating in (either on a transparent or white background) followed by the DSM logo lock-up animating in.

Click here to view an example of the standard “BRIGHT SCIENCE. BRIGHTER LIVING.” DSM animated logo.

The animated logos are available in English and Chinese versions and in 16:9 (standard) and square versions (for social media).

The standard animated logo features the DSM Brand Promise animating in (either on a (1) transparent or (2) white background) followed by the DSM logo lock-up animating in.

For videos related to sustainable solutions, you can use a version of the animated logo which includes our purpose title, CREATING BRIGHTER LIVES FOR ALL (CBLFA) on a transparent or white background.

Click here to view an example of the “CREATING BRIGHTER LIVES FOR ALL” DSM animated logo.

In very exceptional cases, the CBLFA can be replaced with a campaign title before the animated logo. This right is exclusive for campaigns with significant revenue opportunity either now or in future and have an annual brand spend of at least €300k to €500k per year/market segment and must be formally approved by GC&B. Once approved, we will then create and provide the campaign animated logo for your use.

Click here to view an example of a “CAMPAIGN” DSM animated logo.

The source files can be downloaded from the Brand Center and used for this purpose.

For more information and/or a request for applying a campaign title, please contact

DSM animated logos

Transparent background version

White background version

Chinese versions of the animated logo are also available and supplied in the animated logo zip file.

Video: hints & tips

We all love a good movie.


  • Make sure film footage looks fresh and bright.
  • DSM’s corporate language is US English.
  • The tone of voice should be positive and dynamic when talking about Bright Science, Brighter Living.™ Music should be bright and optimistic and reflect the subject matter.
  • Only use visuals and other special effects when necessary or functional.
  • When sourcing photography, film footage, music or any other materials, always check whether they are rights-free. If not, you need to get usage approval and make payment in advance if necessary.


  • Avoid dark environments.
  • Avoid pale and unattractive backgrounds like office or hallway walls.
  • Avoid clichés and over-stagedsituations.
  • Don’t overdo it with ‘bright’ metaphors. Stay down to earth.
  • Don’t use over-styled models. Stay authentic.

When filming interviews or including quotes:

  • Ensure the person speaking is looking at the camera if they are directly addressing an audience.
  • Ensure interviewees are filmed ‘off shoulder’ (i.e. they are looking at the ‘off-camera’ interviewer to the left or right of the camera - and not looking directly at the camera).
  • Keep the quotes as short and to the point as possible.
  • Switch between medium (head to waist) and close-up (head to shoulder) shots to create dynamic footage.

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