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Brand identity fundamentals

DSM's visual & verbal identity

For any brand it’s important to keep looking forward; and for a science-based brand like ours, dedicated to creating a brighter future... it’s a must.

Our markets are more competitive than ever. If we want our voice to be heard above the noise it’s essential that our brand identity matches our ambition.

Here you can find the key elements of our visual identity; plus a summary of our verbal identity (which we’ll extend in future editions of this website).

Brand identity fundamentals

  • Brand system guide

    Brand system guide

    We apply a different set of rules for online and offline uses of DSM's logo, brand promise & activity descriptor.

  • Core visual brand elements guide

    Core visual brand elements guide

    The core visual brand elements include the DSM logo, DSM brand promise, Di-Si-Man logo, visual device and other elements like typefaces, colors, and imagery.

  • 帝斯曼 (Di Si Man) guide

    帝斯曼 (Di Si Man) guide

    The Chinese pronunciation of DSM as ‘Di Si Man’ (帝斯曼) enables stakeholders to connect to our brand in Chinese and protects our IP..

  • Logo lock-up guide

    Logo lock-up guide

    We use the logo lock-up for most brand touch points and applications including advertising, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Layout structures guide

    Layout structures guide

    Portrait and landscape applications have the same basic layout structure with a few subtle differences, depending on whether they are online or offline.

  • The DSM Signature guide

    The DSM Signature guide

    Our signature comprises the master or simplified logo (which incorporates the brand promise) and the activity descriptor.

  • Activity descriptor guide

    Activity descriptor guide

    The DSM activity descriptor summarizes what we do - Nutrition ∙ Health ∙ Sustainable Living - and forms part of the DSM signature.

  • Visual device guide

    Visual device guide

    With its swish of multi-layered color, the visual device is a key element of our brand identity, representing DSM's courageous and creative spirit.

  • Color palette guide

    Color palette guide

    At DSM we’re all about brighter living... so our color palette, consisting of twelve colors, is as bright as possible!

  • Photography guide

    Photography guide

    We want to tell captivating, powerful stories with our images and to be consistent across all our markets and businesses because we are One DSM.

  • Video guide

    Video guide

    All footage should preferably be colorful, bright, vibrant, dynamic and optimistic because ‘Brightness’ forms the heart of our brand promise.

  • Tone of voice guide

    Tone of voice guide

    The same brand personality characteristics that inform our visual identity (courageous, caring and collaborative) also drive our verbal identity.

  • Boilerplate guide

    Boilerplate guide

    Every DSM press release includes a standardized one-paragraph description of what DSM is and what we do. Such a paragraph is called a boilerplate.

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  • Download brand assets

    Download brand assets

    DSM brand asset downloads of core visual brand elements, images, video & b-roll, signage and publications.

  • DSM Brand Valuation Report 2021

    DSM Brand Valuation Report 2021

    Recently Brand Finance’s Global 500 study 2020 was published and DSM’s Brand Value has increased from €901m in 2019 to €989m in 2020, representing a growth of 9.8%.

  • DSM Image Bank

    DSM Image Bank

    Welcome to this mini gallery of royalty-free images that demonstrate how we apply our caring, courageous and collaborative DSM brand values to a wide range of different topics and scenarios. All these images can be found on dsm.com – and are free for you to use today.