DSM Product Brands

Brand identity fundamentals

Brand elements for DSM product brands

DSM product brands are crucial proof points of what our company stands for. Which is why they feature all the core visual brand elements of our visual identity (typefaces, colors, photography and the visual device).

While our product brands each have their own individually crafted logo, there’s always room for the DSM logo and DSM brand promise - to clarify who’s communicating (and why). 

A few golden rules

In PowerPoint presentations, position the product brand logo on the bottom left (1), always combined with the DSM logo lockup (2) that appears on each slide. The end-slide should always feature the DSM logo lockup and DSM brand promise (3).

For posters, brochures and so on always position the product brand logo at the top left or right (1a) always combined with the DSM logo lockup (2). The last page should always feature the DSM visual device and DSM brand promise (3a).

On social media (for example, a carousel), the DSM logo lockup (4) is always prominent on the opening and closing image.

For websites, always position the product brand logo in the header (5), with the DSM logo in the footer (6).

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  • Downloads

    All the DSM assets are available for download here.

  • Core visual brand elements

    The core visual brand elements include the DSM logo, the DSM brand promise, the visual device and other elements like typefaces, colors, and imagery.

  • Logo lock-up

    We use the logo lock-up for most brand touch points and applications including advertising, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.

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