Elements, templates & components

Brand identity fundamentals

Brand elements, templates & components guide

Our core visual brand elements represent the cornerstone of DSM’s visual identity. They include the DSM logo, the DSM brand promise, the visual device and other elements like typefaces, colors, and imagery.


Online we aim to put the user first, so our websites need to be responsive to whatever device a visitor happens to be using. That’s why we’ve built a single system and design that works across all devices and channels out there.

This system has a large library of components (1) with DSM's visual brand identity covered for you. You just drag and drop!

Social Media

Nowadays we’re all able to be DSM ambassadors and spread the word about how we’re creating brighter lives for all for all via our own Social Media networks. Just remember to apply the core visual brand elements whenever you can to ensure our brand remains strong and consistent. 


We use the visual brand elements to build templates for offline applications; they provide a solid starting point in helping you apply our brand identity the right way. Stationery templates are available as well as templates for posters, advertising and brochures.

Most recently we added templates for PowerPoint presentations and Word, so it always pays to check here regularly for further additions and improvements. In the meantime here's some inspiration for you!

Posters & advertising

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Brochures & reports

Front & back covers

Content pages

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  • Color palette guide

    Color palette guide

    At DSM we’re all about brighter living... so our color palette, consisting of twelve colors, is as bright as possible!

  • Logo lock-up guide

    Logo lock-up guide

    We use the logo lock-up for most brand touch points and applications including advertising, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.