The DSM brand system

Brand identity fundamentals

Using our logo, brand promise & activity descriptor

Online applications tend to occupy less space and are scanned over more quickly than offline applications. For this reason, we’ve applied a different set of rules to online and offline applications.


We use the DSM simplified logo (1) for online applications; with the DSM brand promise (2) taking on a more active role by being displayed in the key visual on the page.

The DSM Activity Descriptor (4) should be used on all online applications if space allows (eg banners or social media memes where space may be limited).


For offline applications, the DSM master logo lockup (3) is used, which incorporates the DSM brand promise. The DSM Activity Descriptor (4) should be used on all offline applications.

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  • Download brand assets

    Download brand assets

    DSM brand asset downloads of core visual brand elements, images, video & b-roll, signage and publications.

  • Logo lock-up guide

    Logo lock-up guide

    We use the logo lock-up for most brand touch points and applications including advertising, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.