DSM core visual brand elements

Brand identity fundamentals

Core visual brand elements

When we apply the core visual brand elements the right way, we depict a company that’s courageous, caring and collaborative – and one that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

One DSM, one look, all channels

DSM's nine core visual brand elements are:

1. Logo

Simply put, the DSM master logo and the DSM simplified logo are the flagships of our company.

2. Logo lock-up

The simplified logo and a white panel with a fixed shape, position and proportion connect the DSM logo with the message, image or visual device.

3. Promise

Our brand promise, BRIGHT SCIENCE. BRIGHTER LIVING.™ How and why we do what we do in four simple words.

4. Our communications platform

The title, typography, layout and tone of voice form the starting point for what we tell the world.

5. Typeface

Our typography brings our brand voice to life with authority and authenticity. Instantly recognizable, it makes all our brand applications easy to read.

6. Visual device

With its swish of multi-layered color this one is a key element of our brand identity, representing the courageous and creative spirit that runs through the heart of DSM.

7. Photography

Our photographic imagery should be courageous, caring and collaborative. Why? Because it’s the best way of visualizing our DSM brand promise.

8. Colors & gradients

Because brighter lives are so important to us we make our color palette as bright as possible wherever we can.

9. Activity descriptor

The DSM activity descriptor summarizes what we do - Nutrition ∙ Health ∙ Sustainable Living - and forms part of the DSM signature.

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