Icons and illustrations

Icons are hot right now. When done well, they’re self-explanatory and clear.

But don’t feel obliged to use them unless they improve visual interest, grab the attention or support navigation (too many icons have been known to induce headaches in users)!

With the SDGs now so central to our narrative we need to be careful how we use the icons – for example, not in combination with other icons.

Always use the DSM colors or the support colors for icons (never black)!

  1. You can show the SDG icons in two ways: white on a colored square, or colored on a white backdrop. Each icon has a specific color so make sure you stick to it.
  2. Remember: icons should speak for themselves, and always be in DSM colors.

ATTENTION: When sourcing icons, please check whether the icons are rights-free. If not, you need to get usage approval and make payment in advance if necessary.

Applying the SDG icons

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UN guidelines for the use of SDG icons

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