DSM's typeface & typography

Brand identity fundamentals

The written word

Our typography brings our brand voice to life and lends real authority and authenticity to our fact-based storytelling approach. It makes headlines and advertising copy instantly recognizable, but it also makes all our brand applications easy to read.

Fira Sans

We use Fira Sans for all on- and offline applications and we’ve selected the following specific fonts:

Our headlines set the tone for our stories. We always use Fira Sans Medium. Headings are always set in white (reversed) when positioned on top of images or the DSM visual device. Adding a color gradient to images helps the headings stand out - see the banner at the top of this page for example.

Other weights can be used for sub headings or for headlines if the design warrants this (e.g. if a headline is very long and the font has to be relatively small, a bolder weight can be used).

In China we use Source Han Sans Extra light, Light, Normal, Regular, Medium and Bold fonts.

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  • Color palette guide

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    At DSM we’re all about brighter living... so our color palette, consisting of twelve colors, is as bright as possible!

  • Layout structures guide

    Layout structures guide

    Portrait and landscape applications have the same basic layout structure with a few subtle differences, depending on whether they are online or offline.