Courageous & creative spirit

With its swish of multi-layered color this one is a key element of our brand identity, representing the courageous and creative spirit that runs through the heart of DSM.

We use this visual device whenever images are unsuitable.

And as you will have seen elsewhere in the Brand Center, we can also use it as backgrounds on our websites as an occasional eye-catching alternative to white and light grey.

There are six different colored visual devices, plus a multi-colored version shown in the above carousel.







Cropping and resizing

Ideally, you should use as much of the device as you can but if you’re restricted for space, as in the above carousel and images, we realize that you’ll need to flexible in deciding what works best.

The angle, direction and proportions cannot be changed and make sure when overlaying text onto the visual device that it’s white (reversed) as seen in the carousel.


For example, on this page the visual device is used in the banner carousel at the top of the page and the images above. In both cases the visual device was resized to the correct width (banner) or height (image) and cropped centrally as shown below.


You can similarly crop the visual device for portrait use as shown below where we crop from the bottom right (you are free to crop as you wish).

Finally, always use the DSM logo lock-up wherever the DSM logo is used.

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