Our Brand Platform

Our brand platform is the jumping off point for everything we have to say, both visually and verbally. You can use it for pretty much everything from social media to trade events – and for all audiences.

The idea is to shake things up a bit, inspire people, and make a lasting impression...

Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all

It’s pretty straightforward really... At DSM we use our bright science to create solutions for people today and generations to come.

That means using all our scientific power to improve the lives of as many people as we can (within the constraints of the world’s resources, naturally).

Ultimately, we aspire to be a company for all, creating value for our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders and society at large – and building a stronger legacy and brighter future for generations to come.

Our brand is absolutely essential in bringing this purpose to life and demonstrating to the world that we take our responsibilities seriously.


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Our brand core building blocks

Our brand is forged by six core building blocks: our purpose, brand promise, core values, personality, positioning, and our ways of working.

They are the cornerstone of who we are and what we believe – and crucially, they match the needs and desires of our stakeholders and the wider marketplace.

Doing Something Meaningful

The phrase Doing Something Meaningful seems to have really caught-on at DSM. This is a great thing, and we encourage everyone to continue using it informally.

However, in our formal brand communications we prefer to avoid using this term (not least because we don’t have trademarks on the phrase, and it can thus be easily copied by others). As you’ll learn from reading these Brand Requirements, a major aspect of our brand is consistency of message; which is why we urge you to use these building blocks to tell the story.

1. Our purpose & 2. brand promise

Our purpose is why DSM exists. Our brand promise summarizes who we are, what we stand for and the value we aim to bring.

3. Our culture compass

This is the DSM culture compass. It’s a navigational tool that helps us see the future we’re aiming for: creating value for our customers and shareholders, for our communities and wider society, and for each other.

The compass shows us our cultural direction and destination, while allowing each of us to find our own ways to bring it to life in our daily role, whoever we are and wherever we work. It’s a simple framework to help us do more of what we already do well, and improve those cultural areas where we can be stronger.

The compass also reflects our purpose-led, performancedriven strategy. Our purpose of creating brighter lives for all sits at the heart of the compass – it inspires everything we do. We deliver performance by demonstrating better who we are, and by taking decisions every day that show what we stand for.

The six outer elements of the compass help us define the culture we want to build, and guide our day-to-day interactions and decisions. They truly come to life when we combine them in ways unique to our own role. Let’s explore them.

DSM brand – Core building blocks

1. Purpose

(The reason that we exist)

To create brighter lives for all

2. Promise

(The value we aim to bring)

Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

3. Culture

(Who we are & what we stand for)
Also called our brand personality

Our culture compass

4. Positioning

(Our intended position in the hearts and minds of our stakeholders)

Royal DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living


Being courageous means we are willing to make tough decisions, own our actions, embrace new ideas, take a stand when needed, and support others to do the same.


Being caring means we look out for the people and environment around us, go the extra mile to value and strengthen our diverse relationships, and take care of others and ourselves, so that everyone can be their best.


Being collaborative means we always look for the best ways to work and innovate together and with others, to listen and find common ground, and to apply our knowledge and skills in an inclusive and agile way.

Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility means we act ethically and with integrity, always learning and improving, willing to be held accountable for our performance and the safety and wellbeing of the people and communities around us.

Championing sustainability

Championing sustainability means we improve the quality of people’s lives by embedding sustainability in all that we do, applying our scientific know-how to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Delivering value

Delivering value means we use our speed, expertise and innovation to deliver results, meeting the needs and earning the trust of customers, employees, shareholders, communities and wider society.

4. Brand positioning

Our positioning remains: Royal DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living.

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Our End Market Narrative

The DSM brand is the cornerstone of all our stakeholder interactions and communications.

But how do we create a ‘bridge’ between the high-level DSM story and our specific value propositions for customers in end markets? How do we use our brand to maximize the value of our solutions, product brands and services in their eyes?

To tackle this challenge, we created a set of End Market Narratives (EMNs) based on a simple and consistent framework. 

Initially we have identified the seven end markets shown below (plus Emerging Businesses, which covers our activities in several smaller end markets).

We identified 8 End Markets in all in alphabetic order:

  • Animal Feed 
  • Automotive 
  • Dietary Supplements 
  • Early Life Nutrition
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Personal Care

Each narrative starts with the same brand statement: 

Royal DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. 

The framework then follows the structure below (based on Animal Feed, our first alphabetical End Market):

End Market Narrative Animal Feed
1. Outside-in story We enable our customers to produce sustainable and healthy animal proteins to solve the sustainability and commercial challenges we face in transforming how we feed the world. 
2. Inside-out story We make this happen through the most comprehensive science-based animal nutrition solutions, intelligently scaled to fit your local needs. 
3. Because... Reasons to believe:
1. Tackling antimicrobial resistance.
2. Reducing our reliance on marine resources.
3. Cutting livestock emissions.
4. Efficient use of natural resources.
5. Safe, quality nutrition with less food waste.
6. Lifetime performance.
  1. Most importantly, each end market starts with the customer – and their needs.
  2. We then explain how our capabilities meet those needs.
  3. This in turn is supported by key proof-points and stories from across the relevant End Market portfolio that support this.

A full overview of our end markets will be available soon on dsm.com. If you have any further questions about how they are applied in the meantime, please contact your Cluster Communications Director.

How does it work in practice?

DNP ANH wanted to make a real statement to customers about its commitment to sustainability – and how this benefits them. So, it created this concise, emotionally resonant, and fact-based advertisement based on its End Market Narrative. The result is a credible and engaging piece of communication that avoids clichés and focuses squarely on the issues that their customers care about – hammered home with a bold and arresting visual that builds on the DSM brand identity.

Check out the showcase to see how ANH has further unpacked its End Market Narrative.


Our basic brand architecture

And why it's important

At DSM we have a two-layer brand architecture..

The first is our company brand and the idea here is simple.

Our products and solutions come from a single company with a consistent, cohesive message behind it. This means we communicate as DSM, not individual Business Groups (other than for financial or reporting comms) – and with no additional taglines or logos – as the Feedback Empowers example shows on the next page.

The second layer concerns individual product (or category) brands…

Our Product Branding Strategy

If you want to brand a product (old or new) there are three categories: 

DSM company branded propositions

These comprise the vast majority of our product portfolio, and are loaded with DSM brand identity elements to help maximize their value and impact. E.g. Arnitel® .

DSM product brands

For a handful of DSM products with significant size and scope, you can create a Product Brand with its own logo and unique visual elements (based on the DSM color palette). Eg, Dyneema®.

You can also add an inspirational product promise (tagline) – in the case of Dyneema®, ‘With you when it matters’.

Please note: your potential Product Brand first needs to meet these criteria:

1. Business

  • Does it represent a significant revenue opportunity?
  • Does it have Intellectual Property protection?
  • Does the annual brand spend exceed €100k per year (per market segment)?

2. Brand

  • Does your product have a defined DNA and product promise?
  • Is there a product brand program to drive awareness, preference and loyalty?

3. Portfolio

  • Does it reflect the DSM company brand, strategy and values?
  • Does it strengthen the DSM company brand (through proof, benefits and values?)
  • Does it have a defined role in the product brand portfolio (on a segment or Business Group level)?

If your product meets these criteria you can go ahead and create your DSM Product Brand.
If it doesn’t, you have a Company Branded Proposition. If you’re unsure, just contact the Marketing & Sales Team for more info.

Please remember: It’s essential to have the correct trademark approvals and registrations for all Product Brands. For more information contact the Global Trademarks Center of DSM Intellectual Property (for employees only) or send them an email .

Ingredient Brands

Finally, there’s one rare breed of DSM product brand: the Ingredient Brand (eg, life’s™OMEGA).

On certain vitamin products you’ll find life’s™OMEGA referenced on the product label – representing a promise to the customer of the quality they’re buying.

In other words, while most of our product brands are B2B, our Ingredient Brands are B2C – thus making that direct connection with the consumer, usually at point-of-purchase.

Creating an Ingredient Brand is not solely DSM’s decision of course and needs to be considered very carefully with the third party. For more information contact the Global Trademarks Center of DSM Intellectual Property (for employees only) or send them an email.

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