Our Brand platform

Brand platform fundamentals

Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all

It’s pretty straightforward really... At DSM we use our bright science to create solutions for people today and generations to come.

That means using all our scientific power to improve the lives of as many people as we can (within the constraints of the world’s resources, naturally).

Ultimately, we aspire to be a company for all, creating value for our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders and society at large – and building a stronger legacy and brighter future for generations to come.

Our brand is absolutely essential in bringing this purpose to life and demonstrating to the world that we take our responsibilities seriously.

Getting started

Our brand platform is the jumping off point for everything we have to say, both visually and verbally. You can use it for pretty much everything from social media to trade events – and for all audiences.

The idea is to shake things up a bit, inspire people, and make a lasting impression...

Brand core building blocks

Our brand is forged by six core building blocks. These are the cornerstones of who we are and what we believe.

Crucially, they also match the needs and desires of our stakeholders and the wider marketplace.

DSM Culture Compass

The Culture Compass is a navigational tool that helps us see the future we’re aiming for: creating value for our customers and shareholders, for our communities and wider society, and for each other.

The compass shows us our cultural direction and destination, while allowing each of us to find our own ways to bring it to life in our daily role, whoever we are and wherever we work.

It’s a simple framework to help us do more of what we already do well, and improve those cultural areas where we can be stronger.

End markets narrative

how do we create a ‘bridge’ between the high-level DSM story and our specific value propositions for customers in end markets? How do we use our brand to maximize the value of our solutions, product brands and services in their eyes?

To solve this challenge, we created a set of End Market Narratives based on a simple and consistent framework.

Brand architecture

Understanding DSM's two-layer brand architecture is critical. The first layer is our company brand and the idea here is simple; our products and solutions come from a single company with a consistent, cohesive message behind it.

The second layer concerns individual product (or category) brands.

Consistency & creativity

Strong brands are consistent brands. Just think of the world’s best well-known companies. Why are they so instantly recognizable? Because their brand identity and experience are consistent and distinct wherever and whenever we come into contact with it.

Being consistent doesn’t however mean we cannot be creative. Quite the contrary. It creates solid foundations for us to create smart new ways of communicating our brand in a memorable way that people know, trust and respect. The Brand Communications Checklist can help you get the 'brand balance' just right.

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