End markets narrative

Brand platform fundamentals

The bridge to specific value propositions

The DSM brand is the cornerstone of all our stakeholder interactions and communications.

But how do we create a ‘bridge’ between the high-level DSM story and our specific value propositions for customers in end markets? How do we use our brand to maximize the value of our solutions, product brands and services in their eyes?

To solve this challenge, we created a set of End Market Narratives based on a simple and consistent framework.

Key markets

Initially we have identified the seven end markets:

Enabling our customers to produce sustainable and healthy animal proteins through the most comprehensive portfolio of science-based animal nutrition solutions.

Innovating and differentiating customers’ portfolios, inspiring consumers to rethink health as a priority.

Developing efficacious and safe solutions that support the development of children.

Meeting complex consumer demand for more planet-friendly, tastier, and healthier foods & beverages.

Addressing the increasingly diverse needs of today’s highly engaged consumers with ingredients & services for beauty & home care.

Our innovative engineering materials are developed to meet a wide variety of technological automotive challenges.

Engineering materials for customers producing innovative, safer, thinner, lighter and more connected devices that reduce carbon footprint, improve safety, and boost connectivity.


Each narrative starts with the same brand statement: Royal DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living.

The framework then follows the structure below (we've used Animal Feed in this example):

End Market Narrative Animal Feed
1. Outside-in story We enable our customers to produce sustainable and healthy animal proteins to solve the sustainability and commercial challenges we face in transforming how we feed the world. 
2. Inside-out story We make this happen through the most comprehensive science-based animal nutrition solutions, intelligently scaled to fit your local needs. 
3. Because... Reasons to believe:
1. Tackling antimicrobial resistance.
2. Reducing our reliance on marine resources.
3. Cutting livestock emissions.
4. Efficient use of natural resources.
5. Safe, quality nutrition with less food waste.
6. Lifetime performance.
  1. Most importantly, each end market starts with the customer - and their needs.
  2. We then explain how our capabilities meet those needs.
  3. This in turn is supported by key proof-points and stories from across the relevant End Market portfolio that support this.

How does it work in practice?

DSM Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) wanted to make a real statement to customers about its commitment to sustainability – and how this benefits them. So, it created these concise, emotionally resonant, and fact-based advertisements based on its End Market Narrative.

The result is a credible and engaging piece of communication that avoids clichés and focuses squarely on the issues that their customers care about - hammered home with bold and arresting visuals that build on the DSM brand identity.

Check out the showcase to see how ANH has further unpacked its End Market Narrative.

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