Branding roles & responsibilities

Every one of us has an important role to play in bringing the DSM brand to life and living its values every day. However, we’re also fortunate to have an excellent team guiding and supporting our branding efforts.

Group communications & branding holds overall responsibility for brand-related matters, with a delegated responsibility to:

  • DSM marketing & sales for product brand requirements.
  • The BG Marketing Directors and Cluster Communications directors for end market positioning and narratives (in consultation with Business Presidents).

The brand custodian team

We’ve also created a brand custodian team (consisting of senior SVP GC&B, CMO, Head of Global Trademarks Center (GTC), Global Director Purpose & Brand, Cluster Communications representative) to:

  • Monitor overall progress & compliance.
  • Ensure brand policies stay up-to-date.
  • Incorporate feedback from the business.

Our custodian team is, in turn, supported by a brand expert team (made up of BG and GTC representatives) to help them make all this happen.