Social media guidelines

Each and every one of us now has the power at our fingertips (via Linkedin, twitter, facebook, Instagram, WeChat and others) to be true brand ambassadors for our company: as an influencer, a champion, and as a storyteller.

For example, did you know that a post from an employee can generate eight times more engagement than when the same content is shared on a branded handle? That’s the power you have at your fingertips as a DSM brand ambassador.

It’s an incredibly sharp tool…but like all tools it needs to be handled with care.

Protecting yourself (and DSM)

Before we get into how to use social media more effectively, here are the basics:

  • Before you get started, refresh yourself on the DSM Business Code of Conduct.
  • Be transparent about the fact that you work for DSM, but your views may not necessarily always reflect those of DSM (in fact, include a disclaimer to that effect).
  • Don’t include DSM branding on your personal social media posts.
  • Make sure you respect all the relevant copyright, trademark and confidentiality laws in your area.
  • This includes all commercially sensitive DSM information – and indeed your own privacy: be careful about what you disclose, because once it’s out there…

Social media tips & tricks

It all boils down to three simple Golden Rules: use your common sense; know when to disengage; and, of course, always strive to truly inspire your network.

1. Use common sense

Understand the social network. Different social media platforms have different purposes.

Correct your own mistakes. When you make a factual error in a post, create an update to correct it.

Beware of potential security threats. Always report any suspicious activity to your team.

Think before posting. In addition to checking the grammar and spelling, make sure there won’t be any negative effects from posting a status update.

Play nice. Don’t interact with posts that criticize either our brand or our competitors. Simply…rise above it and stay positive!

2. Know when to disengage

Believe it or not, social media has been known to bring out the worst in some of us…so try and follow these three rules:

Don’t escalate issues. Responding to other social media users, especially on a contentious subject, can backfire.

Don’t feed the trolls. Things can get nasty on social, and with hundreds of eyeballs on the conversation, so just let your own content and product speak for themselves.

Silence can be golden. Steer clear of topics that are known to cause disputes, like political views or religious beliefs - and respect others’ opinions.

3. Inspire!

We’re an inspiring company, with inspiring people – and stories. So let’s inspire!

Sharing is caring. Be savvy and use your social profile as a place to share your expertise. It’s a great way to put our brand name out there and create opportunities.

Looks matter. Keep your posts sharp. Any imagery should be in-line with DSM’s design guidelines – and never in low-resolution.

Be authentic. Social media is about trust and about engagement. Being authentic means being true to yourself and your values - but not pushing your ideals down anyone’s throat or talking at people.

For more information on social media use and channels, contact the DSM Social media support team.

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