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Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all

It’s pretty straightforward really... At DSM we use our bright science to create solutions for people today and generations to come.

That means using all our scientific power to improve the lives of as many people as we can (within the constraints of the world’s resources, naturally).

Ultimately, we aspire to be a company for all, creating value for our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders and society at large – and building a stronger legacy and brighter future for generations to come.

Our brand is absolutely essential in bringing this purpose to life and demonstrating to the world that we take our responsibilities seriously.

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Basic logo suite
Normal, Reversed, Solid black/white
(zip-file: EPS, PNG)

Specific logo suite 
Embossed, Greyscale, Greyscale reversed, Pantone
(zip-file: EPS, PNG)

B-Roll Footage

Company Presentation

Extended animated logo suite

  • Fundamentals


    Our brand platform is the jumping off point for everything we have to say, both visually and verbally, in everything.

  • Online


    We build the DSM brand around our customers on all devices and across all media. The goal? A single, consistent (and excellent) experience – whenever, wherever and however our users engage with us.

  • Offline


    Putting the user at the center of our offline experience applies to MS docs, company badges & clothing, signage, packaging and our content and messaging.

  • Downloads


    DSM brand asset downloads of core visual brand elements, images, video & b-roll, signage and publications.

  • Governance


    We want to make your life easier when implementing our brand identity. Which is why we’ve simplified our design system.

Fast lane

Signature assets

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B-Roll Footage

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Company Presentation

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