Assigned Suppliers

Assigned Suppliers Portal Sharepoint

This portal helps you to find any of our Assigned (Mar)com Suppliers. It’s important to work with Assigned Suppliers only as only these suppliers are carefully selected and approved by Group Sourcing in alignment with the Manager Communication Vendors (MCV) and the business.

Group Sourcing in alignment with the Manager Communication Vendors (MCV) are accountable to manage all supplier contracts. Our suppliers are devided in the following six categories: 

  • Agencies
  • Meetings, events & Tradeshows
  • Print
  • Gifts
  • Translation
  • Signs/Signage

Do you manage creative vendors?

The DSM Brand in Brief: a quickstart guide for creatives is a newly available, abridged version of our full brand requirements – for those who only need to know ‘the basics’. It covers all the key aspects of our visual identity, plus guidance on digital design and key applications like video, photography and packaging. So, if you work with creatives who may benefit from this new guide, please ‘guide’ them towards it!

And needless to say, if your agency is undertaking more complex and involved work for DSM that goes beyond ‘the basics’…you know what to do. Direct them right here!

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Assigned Suppliers Portal Sharepoint
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