Bite-sized Brand Stories

Are you ready to tell a story?

Now you can – with DSM bite-sized brand stories!

The concept behind them is simple: when it comes to communicating complex stories, our audience doesn’t always want (or need) to digest the entire meal.

Sometimes a snack will do…

There are a couple of reasons why

  • Every audience is different. The way we explain, say, our nutritional improvement story to expert customers will inevitably be different to how we explain it to a non-expert.
  • At DSM our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. Now we want to ensure that our stories and activities are understandable for all (which in turn grows our brand).

Consistent & creative

This last point is especially key.

As a brand we need to be consistent in what we say, but that shouldn’t prevent us from being more creative (and flexible) in how we say it.

These bite-sized brand stories use simple and concise language to explain the great things we’re doing at DSM. They cover our three key domains of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity. They address how we improve, enable and advocate for a brighter world; and they are based on a simple structure of Challenge/Solution/Result – each one just a single sentence long in most cases.

After reading these stories, our hope is that everyone should be able to Understand, memorize and repeat them: Perhaps not word-for-word, but at least the key points.

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