Our DSM culture

Who we are and what we stand for

We are DSM

Our changing planet

The world we share is evolving more quickly than ever before, through technological innovation, and social and environmental transformation. To meet these dynamic challenges we need to move just as swiftly, with each of us at DSM playing our part, in a culture that supports us to be who we are and show what we stand for.

Our culture defines us

DSM’s culture builds on our strong heritage, to guide us to our future. It is the expression of our personality, our collective beliefs and behaviours, and the many ways we work together. It’s what makes DSM a vibrant and inclusive place to be, and what inspires others to want to work for us, and with us.

Our culture shapes our success

A strong, shared culture helps us to grow and thrive as a business, and as people. It helps us achieve our goals in the most efficient and effective way, and is integral to the quality of service we offer to our customers. It helps each of us be even more creative, innovative and productive. And it’s essential for our long-term success.

Our culture is created by each of us

We create our culture together every day, through everything we say, every action and decision we take, and every story we share. Over the past six months leaders, employees and functional specialists from all across DSM have contributed to the design and development of a new culture model for the business. We call it the DSM culture compass.

For more go to the DSM Culture Hub.


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