Feedback Empowers

A ‘connected’ approach

Improving our communication with each other is a major focus for DSM and our ways of working – not least the ability to request, give and receive quality feedback. After all, we have a huge well of diverse and interesting insights and experience within DSM: why not make the most of it?

Traditionally, our internal campaigns have involved the creation of separate logos and straplines to grab attention and drive engagement. In some ways it’s an understandable approach…but is it the best use of our brand – and the fact that we stand together as ONE DSM?

For this campaign, the team took a fresh approach by reaching out to our Global Communications & Branding department to help create an attractive visual device with different icon variations – and based on our DSM brand color palette and typeface.

The campaign then delivers the key message that Feedback empowers – while emphasizing why this is so important (because it helps our people connect).

As a result, our people connected with this campaign!

A comprehensive communications toolkit with posters, guidelines and much more is available (for employees only)

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