The DSM Virtual Venue

Beyond campaigns

For a glimpse into the future of where business – and our brand – is going, look no further than the DSM Virtual Venue.

With our businesses so reliant on traditional tradeshows and customer events, this innovative format from the DSM Meeting & Events team was developed to give our people a viable alternative to face-to-face meetings.

It looks and feels like a real tradeshow or customer event. There’s a reception area; plenaries; breakout sessions; keynotes speeches – and even a virtual coffee area: all created with a unique blend of pre-recorded, on-demand and live content.

With many of our competitors struggling to maintain relationships with customer and stakeholders – and keep their brand top of mind – this is a true differentiator for DSM. The branding is bold and clear; and the content is bespoke and tailored to the precise needsof the relevant end market and customer.

Meanwhile, the entire experience is driven by an automated back-end that enables easier tracking of visitors. This in turn drives engagement both during and after the event anddelivers data-driven insights that can drive lead generation and revenue.

The DSM Virtual Event can be easily adapted to the needs of any DSM business – and is suitable for creating virtual tradeshows, customer events or large-and-small internal meetings.

So, if you’re looking to connect with your audience in a new, differentiated – and smartly branded – way, we urge you to get in touch with the team to explore the new possibilities that await!

For more information on the Virtual Venue and how it works, visit the internal Sharepoint portal (for employees only).

Here you can see how the traditional meeting or event is brought to life in an innovative and engaging way. But to get a real flavor of this experience why not download the brief Guided Tour video that the team created.

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