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If not us, who? If not now, when?

A compelling customer narrative

How do you create a truly differentiated brand campaign that tackles a defining topic in an incisive and emotionally resonant way; supported by solid science and facts; and all beautifully integrated with the DSM purpose and brand identity?

Just ask our colleagues at DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

Using their End Market Narrative as a starting point they’ve created a campaign that’s on-brand, on-purpose – and on-point in the way it translates the high-level DSM company story into specific value propositions for our customers. In fact, there’s an entire campaign toolkit including video and infographics.

They focus on six of the world’s greatest sustainability challenges in animal nutrition and health resulting in the following business drivers:

The ANH-playbook is now available to download via our Sharepoint landing page (for employees only), including a comprehensive communications toolkit with videos, infographics, posters, PPTs and much more.

The ANH playbook

What makes this campaign unique is the creative idea to symbolize the uniqueness of each proposition with a very simple illustration overlaid on the image, making the intangible, tangible.

The illustration on the example to the right shows an outline around the chicklet, symbolizing how DSM ‘shields’ animals against stress and pathogens to increase their resilience, thereby limiting antibiotic use. This is one example of how Animal Nutrition & Health build a sustainable future, responsibly.

This campaign is a great example how we build a bridge between company-level and business-level propositions.

The collateral shown here is just part of a whole campaign. You can find a comprehensive toolkit with videos, infographics, posters, PowerPoint presentations and much more on the We Make it Possible SharePoint landing page (for employees only).

See our End Market Narrative for more examples of how ANH has brought this to life.

Advert for brand driver ‘Helping tackle antimicrobial resistance’

Accompanying infographic

Notice how the static illustrations in these adverts transform into various animations that nicely highlight the key messaging. You’ll then see how this movie builds up to the campaign promise/tagline (We make it possible) - and then connects perfectly to the DSM brand promise of ‘Bright science. Brighter living.’ 

Accompanying promotional film

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