Where could our brand go next?

Imagine a VR ‘pod’ that employees, customers and visitors could sit inside and enjoy a completely immersive brand experience. It could involve seeing and feeling how we help feed individual families in the developing world today; or it could be a futuristic, fantastical glimpse into the future of motoring 50 years from now, based on our biobased engineering materials.

Well, you may not need to imagine for much longer. Welcome to the age of virtual & augmented reality – where virtually the only limit to how our stakeholders experience our brand… is our own imagination.

Excited about the future? We certainly hope so.

Other showcases

  • We Make It Possible

    We Make It Possible

    How do you create a truly differentiated brand campaign that tackles a defining topic in an incisive and emotionally resonant way; supported by solid science and facts; and all beautifully integrated with the DSM purpose and brand identity?

  • Feedback Empowers

    Feedback Empowers

    Improving our communication with each other is a major focus for DSM and our ways of working – not least the ability to request, give and receive quality feedback. After all, we have a huge well of diverse and interesting insights and experience within DSM: why not make the most of it?

  • The DSM Virtual Venue

    The DSM Virtual Venue

    For a glimpse into the future of where business – and our brand – is going, look no further than the DSM Virtual Venue.