Where others see products, we see purpose

Bringing the ‘why’ to life

When it comes to taking our purpose and making it tangible - and relevant - for endmarket customers, it’s hard to look past this outstanding campaign from DSM HNH.

The Where others see products, we see purpose campaign lifts the lid (literally) on customer products containing our nutritional ingredients - providing a unique insight into how and why they benefit society.

As you can see, the left half of the concept art shows the product; the right half shows its effect in a startling simple yet powerful way – bringing to life our purpose of creating brighter lives for all. And from a customer standpoint, it demonstrates very clearly that everything we do starts with the end user in mind.

In the words of the HNH team: ‘As the headline explains, they see each product as just that – a product on a shelf. However, we are able to see the real purpose behind our customers’ products, finding the humanity of the customers who use them, distinguishing ourselves.’

For everything you need to know about the strategic ambitions and positioning – and how to efficiently promote the “Products with Purpose” campaign – please visit the Voice of HNH (this is a SharePoint link only accessible for DSM employees).

Overall campaign advert

What makes this campaign unique

products and vertical market segments. The unique visual style makes the concept instantly recognizable thanks to the novel yet consistent conceptual artwork.

The video for this campaign takes the concept even further, not only bringing another dimension to the story but tying up the campaign concept and DSM brand promise neatly at the end.

This is one campaign seriously worth checking out. So if you’re looking for inspiration, why not explore the Voice of HNH (for employees only). It includes videos, infographics, posters, PowerPoint presentations and much more. Enjoy!

Food and beverage

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

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