(Bulk) packaging and labels

Which branding elements can you use, and how?

Here you’ll find out how to apply the right branding assets to your product packaging.

Compulsory branding elements

Bulk packaging or labels come in full color, unicolor or black & white. They can feature a DSM Product Brand logo or a DSM Company Branded Proposition (which is always represented with a typographic name rather than a fully designed Product Brand logo).

This should be written in Fira Sans (1) and displayed prominently on the front of the package with the DSM Trademark reference (2) also included - preferably in the ingredients section on the back. You should also include the DSM Simplified Logo (3) at the bottom of the packaging on the front to avoid competing with the product branding. For labels, all three items should feature on the label. 

Printing in unicolor or black & white?

If your packaging or labels are being printed in one solid color or in black & white you’ll need to use the a single color or black & white DSM simplified logo. See our more versions of the logo section for more information.

DSM Trademark Statement (4)

As our family of B2B, IB and B2C brands continues to grow and expand it’s critical that we not only protect our Intellectual property, but communicate it to the marketplace. In this way we create value by creating a strong connection between the Product Brand and DSM as a company.

The DSM Trademark reference is short, simple, but essential for all product packaging – whether B2B, IB or B2C. It features the DSM Simplified Logo and should ideally appear in the ingredients section and look like the example on the right.

Front and Back of pack

Label only

DSM logo letters are the same height as the letter height of the text

Use the exclusion zone to create space between the text and the DSM logo

Minimum width of the simplified DSM logo is 4mm

Please remember: It’s essential to have the correct trademark reference for all Product Brands. If in doubt, contact the Global Trademarks Center of DSM Intellectual Property (for employees only) or send them an email.

ATTENTION: If you want to display our corporate brand or one of our product brands on a B2B or B2C customer product be aware this requires separate approval from the Global Trademarks Center of DSM Intellectual Property (for employees only).

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