Outlook email signature

The DSM brand offline

Your email signature

A professional email signature that reflects a consistent and uniform company brand is key in helping us create the right impression.

Getting it right

Basic contact information

We recommend that you include in your signature, as a minimum, the contact information shown here (1).

Basic contact information plus social media icons

Adding any further symbols, icons or logos to the email signature is limited to Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Facebook icons only (2).

How to add a brand email signature

Follow these steps to create and personalize your email signature in Outlook.

In case you need more help

This comprehensive step-by-step manual guides you in detail through the process of updating your Outlook application and your email signature to the DSM theme.

More information on templates in general can also be found on SharePoint (DSM employees only).

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  • Clothing


    Many employees work in roles requiring functional branded DSM workwear and safety helmets.

  • Company badge

    Company badge

    As one of the most commonly used branding elements we have - we all wear them - it’s important that we get company badges right.

  • Download brand assets

    Download brand assets

    DSM brand asset downloads of core visual brand elements, images, video & b-roll, signage and publications.