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MS Office Templates

Approved templates make everyone’s lives easier. After all, why waste time reinventing the wheel (and risk getting our brand execution wrong)?

Using Microsoft Office templates

If you use these approved DSM templates, you don’t have to worry about getting the brand right - because it’s all done for you.

You’ll find DSM Office Templates via the DSM Office Templates environment - or just by starting up your PowerPoint or Word application (1).

The Microsoft Word templates are available in A4 and US Letter (2) and there are eight general templates (3 & 4). The PowerPoint poster and flyer templates are also available in different layouts and sizes. All templates use the Fira Sans typeface and DSM colors.

And if you’re looking to customize a template (or perhaps update Microsoft Outlook to the latest DSM Outlook theme) there are manuals available to help you.

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  • Putting the power into PowerPoint

    Putting the power into PowerPoint

    When it comes to PowerPoint we’ve applied the ‘ready-to-go’ concept used for our digital communications to make creation quick and simple.

  • Email signature

    Email signature

    A professional email signature that reflects a consistent and uniform company brand is key in helping us create the right impression.

  • Download brand assets

    Download brand assets

    DSM brand asset downloads of core visual brand elements, images, video & b-roll, signage and publications.