Catching up on the digital age

Today, more than 50% of the world’s B2B sales are digital.

If you’re looking for evidence of why we need to continue our journey of transformation at DSM... this statistic says it all.

In the years ahead this number will only get higher – and so will the expectations of digital users. That’s why we’ll be building the DSM brand around our customers in the years ahead – on all devices and across all media.

The goal? A single, consistent (and excellent) experience – whenever, wherever and however our users engage with us.

Multiple channels, one experience

Putting the user at the center of our online experience gives us clear directon on how to build and structure our websites and other digital communications. And this doesn’t solely apply to design. It’s just as relevant for our content and messaging.

On a practical level, ‘user first’ means our websites need to be responsive to whatever device the user happens to be using. That’s why we’ve built a single system and design that works across all devices and channels out there.

From a design standpoint this means we need to create simple, clear components that can handle different kinds of content, are easy to use, and are (of course) on-brand.

From a commercial perspective, putting the user first means we’re truly focusing on their wants, needs and convenience, not ours. The holy grail is a single, consistent experience across all channels – for all.

Ready-to-go elements

We’ve saved you the time and trouble of creating most digital components. Instead, they’re ‘ready-to-go’.

As you’d expect they feature our Fira Sans typeface; animations like our logo and visual device; hover actions; and stylings like buttons and navigational elements.

  1. The elements in the header are standard for each website. A navigation panel appears automatically along with the optional ‘breadcrumb’ – both providing quick, clear navigation.
  2. The key visual(s) or video works as an eye-catcher. The height can differ depending on the level of the page, but there is a minimum (for consistency’s sake). That said, if your text is too long for this minimum height it will simply auto-expand to fit. Our DSM brand promise always features on the key visual(s) or video(s) for each homepage or landing page. Adding and modifying content couldn’t be easier: simply ‘drag-and-drop’ in the content management system.
  3. The most important (or current) story goes here. You have various options and layouts to choose from and you also have the option of using various color gradients.
  4. This component is designed to feature short stories around our goals and targets – a big part of our courageous, more purpose-driven approach now. Simply choose the most relevant, resonant type of content – along with the color variation of the visual device that works best. We use DSM light grey as a block color to create harmony and to separate blocks of content.
  5. You have a small selection of buttons, icons and settings for tabs to choose from; while the overall design is ready-to-go.
  6. To make life easier we’ve fixed the dimensions and elements in the footer for each website.



Responsive design is here

Our digital component library is versatile and responsive – and it needs to be (don’t forget that mobile is our fastest growing channel).

  1. The DSM website and DSM business group websites always use the DSM logo on its own (with no BG names or taglines). For DSM product brands you can apply your own logo; all other elements and dimensions in the headers are set and ready-to-go.
  2. The product group/segment bar is to help users navigate our Business Group web sites you can add a product group/ segment bar that sits at the top of the page above the main visual.
    Always ensure that the text appears in capitals minus any DSM pre-fix, and you’re free to choose from the DSM color palette – provided the color stays consistent for each group/segment web site.
  3. You can use the key visual and headline or the titles at the top to promote your specific offering – whether you’re a DSM business group or DSM product brand.
  4. We always add our DSM brand promise to the key visual or video when appearing on a home page or landing page, whether for DSM business groups or DSM product brands
  5. This component is designed to feature short stories around our goals and targets – a big part of our bolder, more purpose- driven approach now. Simply choose the most relevant, resonant content – along with whatever color variation of the visual device works best.
  6. You don’t have to worry about dimensions and elements in the footer as they’ve already been created for each website.
  7. You have a small selection of buttons, icons and settings for tabs to choose from; while the overall design is set and ready-to-go.
DSM corporate

DSM company branded proposition (business group home or landing page)
DSM product brand (business group home or landingpage)

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