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The DSM Brand Online

Online branding

Today, more than 50% of the world’s B2B sales are digital so if you’re looking for evidence of why we need to continue our journey of transformation at DSM... this statistic says it all.

In the years ahead this number will only grow - and so will the expectations of digital users. That’s why we’ll be building the DSM brand around our customers in the years ahead - on all devices and across all media.

The goal? A single, consistent (and excellent) experience - whenever, wherever and however our users engage with us.

User-centric online experience

Putting the user at the center of our online experience gives us clear directon on how to build and structure our websites and other digital communications. And this doesn’t solely apply to design. It’s just as relevant for our content and messaging.

On a practical level, ‘user first’ means our websites need to be responsive to whatever device the user happens to be using. That’s why we’ve built a single system and design that works across all devices and channels out there.

From a design standpoint this means we need to create simple, clear components that can handle different kinds of content, are easy to use, and are (of course) on-brand.

From a commercial perspective, putting the user first means we’re truly focusing on their wants, needs and convenience, not ours. The holy grail is a single, consistent experience across all channels - for all.

Ready-to-go elements

Our websites are built using a set of ready-to-go website elements that take care of a lot of the work for you. Layouts and a lot of things like the colors, fonts, overlays and so on are already done for you and configurable per website, page and component.


Our digital ready-to-go elements and component library are versatile and responsive - and they need to be when you consider that mobile is our fastest growing channel. If you use these elements and components as designed they will take care of the rest for you.

Digital components library

When it comes to digital it's all about piecing components together in a smart, flexible way without compromising brand consistency. We have a very broad, and growing library of components for you to just drag and drop.

Social Media

Nowadays we’re all able to be DSM ambassadors and spread the word about how we’re creating brighter lives for all for all via social media.

QR Codes

QR codes are easy and quick to read and they can deliver real value to users used in banners, posters and offline publications.

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