QR Codes

At DSM we use QR (Quick Response) Codes for our poster and banner advertising.

They’re easy and quick to read and they can deliver real value to users: for example, the QR code used on our 2019 Integrated Annual Report takes readers directly to our web site with minimum fuss.

QR Codes come in many shapes and sizes and you can generate them easily online using websites like www.qr-code-generator.com for both Company Branded Propositions and DSM Product Brands. Just remember to make sure they are working properly before you print or publish.

As a quick reminder:

QR codes should always be a standard square shape on a white background. Use a DSM colour (as shown on the business card 4 ) as a primary option, if this isn’t possible just go with black & white.

QR Codes can also be used on a variety of applications, such as banners, white papers and leaflets. See some examples below.

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