Responsive design

The DSM brand online

Multiple devices, one experience

Our digital ready-to-go elements and component library are versatile and responsive - and they need to be when you consider that mobile is our fastest growing channel.

Quick guide

  1. The DSM website and DSM business group websites always use the DSM logo on its own (with no BG names or taglines). For DSM product brands you can apply your own logo; all other elements and dimensions in the headers are set and ready-to-go.
  2. The product group/segment bar is to help users navigate our Business Group web sites you can add a product group/ segment bar that sits at the top of the page above the main visual. Always ensure that the text appears in capitals minus any DSM prefix, and you’re free to choose from the DSM color palette – provided the color stays consistent for each group/segment website.
  3. You can use the key visual and headline or the titles at the top to promote your specific offering – whether you’re a DSM business group or DSM product brand.
  4. To avoid overly cluttering the key visual our DSM brand promise isn't visible on smaller devices. 
  5. These combinations of components can feature short stories around our goals and targets - a big part of our bolder, more purpose- driven approach now. Simply choose the most relevant, resonant content - along with whatever component and color variations.
  6. You don’t have to worry about dimensions and elements in the footer as they’ve already been created for each website.
  7. You have a small selection of buttons, icons and settings to choose from and the social icons can point to the corporate or business channels; while the overall design is set and ready-to-go.




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  • Digital components library

    Digital components library

    When it comes to digital it's all about piecing components together in a smart, flexible way without compromising brand consistency.

  • Ready-to-go elements

    Ready-to-go elements

    Our websites are built using a set of ready-to-go website elements that take care of a lot of the work for you.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Nowadays we’re all able to be DSM ambassadors and spread the word about how we’re creating brighter lives for all for all via social media.