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Social media has tremendous potential to help us amplify our brand and spread the word about the great work we’re doing at DSM to create brighter lives for all.

Like many companies, we connect with social media communities through various corporate channels via authorized colleagues (perhaps you’re one of them) who speak on behalf of DSM in a creative and consistent way.

But nowadays we’re all able to be DSM ambassadors and spread the word about how we’re creating brighter lives for all for all. Just remember to apply our Core Visual Brand Elements whenever you can to ensure our brand remains strong and consistent. Just to remind you, these comprise the simplified DSM logo lockup, the DSM color palette and photography that pops: and they should be applied to all social media platforms.

You can also find more useful information in our Social Media Policy.

General social media design elements

For all social media platforms, it’s essential that our logo and visually identity is correct and consistent across the three main categories.

1. Global Corporate Communications – The Corporate Global DSM channels use the single DSM Simplified Logo as their profile icon. Here are some examples of do’s and don'ts.

2. Country-specific, Corporate Department and Marketing Communications – For country-specific, corporate or marketing communications social media channels only, you can use the DSM logo with a little descriptive text to distinguish from the global DSM channel. For more information contact the Social Media support team.

3. Product Brand Communications – For DSM Product Brand channels, you can use the product logo as the profile icon. We highly recommend that you include a reference to DSM in the product brand profile description.

Product brand

Weibo (China)


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  • Logo lock-up guide

    Logo lock-up guide

    We use the logo lock-up for most brand touch points and applications including advertising, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Color palette guide

    Color palette guide

    At DSM we’re all about brighter living... so our color palette, consisting of twelve colors, is as bright as possible!